Road Surfacing Company in Eastbourne | Road Repairs and Surface Dressing | Is Tarmacadam Superior to Concrete?

At Southern Surfacing Ltd, we are specialists for tarmacadam surfacing in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. From road repairs to surface dressing, we use this material across our full range of services. However, many people, businesses, industries and local authorities looking for surfacing contractors often presume concrete is the most effective option. As a time-served road surfacing company, we’re here to clarify any confusion on the matter.

Do you know the difference between tarmacadam and concrete? If you’re unclear on this, please read on below. We take a closer look at why understanding the difference matters to your project, as well as the benefits of tarmacadam surfacing.

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Tarmacadam Vs Concrete

In our role as surfacing contractors, we apply tarmacadam during various services, including surface dressing, road repairs and resurfacing works. It’s a ubiquitous material. But do you know what it consists of?

In short, tarmacadam is a combination of stone and sand. These are fused together with gasoline, kerosene or diesel to produce the hardened top. The resulting material creates the ideal blend of affordability and durability, both for repair work and brand-new installations.

Concrete manufacturers combine sand and cement in a mixer. A road surfacing company will then apply it to the highway, car park or pathway as required.

There are several reasons why we prefer tarmacadam surfacing for road repairs, surface dressing and other operations in the Eastbourne area:

In our role as surfacing contractors, we apply tarmacadam on a range of surfaces, including roads, driveways and walkways.

But why do we favour tarmacadam over concrete? Some of the key reasons include:

Like any reputable road surfacing company covering Eastbourne, we understand the structural components that make up an optimal, long-lasting highway. When you consider wider factors like budgets, timescales and disruption management, tarmacadam surfacing makes the perfect choice for surface dressing, road repairs and resurfacing.

Our surfacing contractors share more than 50 years of industry experience. We’re the trusted choice for all surfacing requirements across the South East, from maintenance to new installations.

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