Surfacing Contractors in Heathfield | Surface Dressing and Road Repairs | 4 Factors Wearing Down Your Tarmacadam

Like any reputable road surfacing company, Southern Surfacing Ltd strives to deliver the complete service package. This is why domestic, commercial and agricultural clients in Heathfield trust our surfacing contractors for road repairs, surface dressing, full road reconstruction and much more. Our expertise in tarmacadam surfacing is particularly popular.

One of the most common reasons why private individuals and businesses need tarmacadam services is due to the wear and tear or damage of existing installations.

There are various factors that contribute to the wearing of these surfaces, some of which are site-specific. However, by raising awareness of the most frequent forces, you can take the necessary action to ensure your investment lasts longer.

To discuss your tarmacadam needs with one of our Heathfield-based surfacing contractors, please call us on 07984 538527. As a customer-focused road surfacing company, we’re happy to answer queries about any of our services, from road repairs to surface dressing.

What is Wearing Down Your Tarmacadam Surfacing?


Like any exterior surface, your tarmacadam lays exposed to fluctuating temperatures year-round. During extreme summer heat, your surface may experience buckling or warping. Likewise, the lower temperatures of winter can also expose weaknesses in your surface, resulting in cracks.

Our road surfacing company follows a time-served process to lay tarmacadam of premium quality, be it in Heathfield or any other location. With the appropriate groundworks beneath the surface too, our surfacing contractors create robust results capable of withstanding temperature extremes for many years.


Much like surface dressing and road repairs, we factor in the pressures of road traffic when it comes to tarmacadam surfacing. Of course, this covers the physical weight of vehicles using the road. However, tyres rolling over the tarmacadam increase the surface temperature too.

When installed by an experienced road surfacing company like ours, tarmacadam is capable of withstanding a great deal of pressure. However, an unforeseen increase in the number of vehicles using your surface leads to much greater wear and tear.

Substandard Construction

If you want a road that lasts long into the future, you must choose proven surfacing contractors. Of course, tarmacadam surfacing will eventually wear down with time. But poorly constructed installations degrade much quicker than you may expect.

Premature failure isn’t only due to shoddy construction. Be it in Heathfield or the neighbouring areas, other common factors include improper temperature when applied, insufficient compacted bases and inadequate drainage.


As specialists in road repairs and surface dressing, we know all too well that even the best tarmacadam surfacing will eventually fail. However, if you adopt a proactive approach to maintenance work, including small repairs here and there, you can extend the lifespan of your surface in Heathfield.

Ongoing maintenance from our road surfacing company can provide you with a much better return on your investment. Neglecting surface care only allows small, easy-to-fix issues enough time to develop into much bigger problems.

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