Road Surfacing Contractors in Lewes, Tunbridge Wells, Heathfield and Across the South East

With the stresses of constant traffic and exposure to the elements, all road surfaces eventually deteriorate and need renewing. While proactive maintenance like surface dressing helps to prolong the lifespan of existing structures, it’s not a permanent solution. You will inevitably have to face the prospect of resurfacing your roads. As a time-served road surfacing company, our team has a proven track record with all domestic, commercial and agricultural surfacing requirements.

As Heathfield-based surfacing contractors, we cover locations across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Some of our key service areas include Eastbourne, Lewes and Tunbridge Wells, to name a few.

Generally speaking, you can undertake surface dressing on the same road up to 3 times, with each application having an average lifespan of around 10 years.

When you have no other option but to resurface, you can rely on Southern Surfacing Ltd for start-to-finish project management. To schedule an initial consultation and no-obligation quotation for your work, please contact us.


Road Surfacing | What to Expect

From Eastbourne to Heathfield, and from Lewes to Tunbridge Wells, our surfacing contractors typically start resurfacing projects by planing off the existing surface. This ranges from partial to complete removal. Like any reputable road surfacing company, we remove this material from your site and dispose of it responsibly.

Surface preparation extends to clearing the road of all debris. This step is essential in the resurfacing process. Any mistakes prove detrimental and may result in more resurfacing much sooner than expected. As such, you should always work with experienced surfacing contractors, like the team at Southern Surfacing Ltd.

We must also consider drainage capabilities. In order to prevent water pooling, we create a slope that allows for efficient rainwater runoff. Getting this step right helps to limit the chances of major damage such as heaving, cracks and potholes.

Before laying the road surface, we must first install the sub-base. This load-bearing layer sits directly beneath the tarmacadam and can consist of various different materials. The sub-base is a key aspect of your road’s structure as it evenly spreads the combined loads of the tarmacadam and the vehicles driving over it.

When complete by our road surfacing company, sub-bases often outlive the tarmacadam surface itself. In addition, the thickness of the sub-base will vary depending on the weight and volume of expected traffic. Be they in Eastbourne, Heathfield, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas, roads with heavy use usually have a sub-base of 225mm.

Our surfacing contractors then apply the tarmacadam. We use modern pavers to deposit and evenly spread the material over the sub-base. With less manual labour, we make this part of the process faster and more efficient.

We then create ‘butt joints’ where the new surface transitions into an existing one. We use our trade expertise to ensure all surfaces remain even and smooth for a safe, pleasant driving experience.

Finally, we smooth and compact the tarmacadam using a roller, making sure that no small bumps of stone or aggregate poke up through the surface.

As your road surfacing company, we can surface an array of sites in Eastbourne, Heathfield, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and across the South East, including:

  • General Road Surfacing

  • Property Developments

  • Retail and Industrial Sites

  • Private Roads

  • Trunk Roads

  • Car Parks

  • Schools

  • Hospitals


Call 07984 538527 to discuss your road surfacing needs in more detail. Our surfacing contractors cover Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and locations across the South East.