Surface Dressing in Eastbourne, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and Across the South East

When was the last time you hired surfacing contractors to perform maintenance work on your roads? While strong and robust, the combination of climactic conditions and constant vehicle use eventually causes road deterioration. If you allow your road’s surface, or sub-surface, to degrade to the point where it needs replacing, you must remove the existing layer and install a new one. Resurfacing results last for many years, but a proactive approach to maintaining roads in good condition avoids the higher costs and disruption.

From Eastbourne to Heathfield, and from Lewes to Tunbridge Wells, our road surfacing company performs surface dressing across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. This process involves treating roads to stop them from wearing down prematurely. As a result, when compared with road resurfacing or reconstruction, it’s more affordable and has a quicker turnaround time.

This means our surfacing contractors can maintain more of your roads to high standards for the same budget, while minimising inconvenience to local residents and motorists.


What is Surface Dressing?

In short, this service restores a road’s surface and seals it in one process. This is how surface dressing offers the perfect balance of outstanding results and cost-effectiveness. Like any reputable road surfacing company, Southern Surfacing Ltd follows a time-served approach.

Whether we’re in Eastbourne, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas, our Heathfield-based team carries out the appropriate surface preparation. This lays the groundwork for long-lasting results.

We use a hot bitumen binder with optimal cohesive and adhesive qualities. This not only produces all-round brilliant results, it also proves less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Our onsite surfacing contractors spray the bitumen binder onto the prepared surface. We then apply loose stone chippings (6mm or 10mm single-size materials) on top of the bitumen layer. It’s important to achieve complete and even coverage, so we use more chippings than is necessary.

Using a roller, we then press the chippings, embedding them into the bitumen. This creates the strongest possible road surface.

As a road surfacing company backed by more than 50 years of industry experience, we consider all necessary factors to produce tailored results. We establish the hardness of your road and calculate the anticipated traffic demands. This ensures we choose the correct bitumen spread rate and chipping size.

After completing surface dressing, be it in Eastbourne, Heathfield, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells or the wider South East region, we sweep away the surplus chippings. This leaves behind a renewed surface with a mosaic of stone embedded into the bitumen.

Upon opening the road again, our surfacing contractors recommend advisory speed limits of 15mph until the dressing settles down.


The Benefits of Surface Dressing

As your road surfacing company, we provide the following benefits:

  • Increased Road Safety

  • Improved Skid-resistance

  • Waterproof Roads

  • Smooth and Stable Roads

  • Reduced Water Damage

  • Less Frost Damage

  • Rapid Turnarounds

  • Prolonged Road Lifespan

  • Unmatched Cost-effectiveness

  • Better Return on Investments

In addition to surface dressing, Southern Surfacing Ltd also covers all road surfacing needs in the South East, including Eastbourne, Heathfield, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and all neighbouring areas.

Call 07984 538527 to talk over your surface dressing options. From Eastbourne to Lewes, our road surfacing company covers locations across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.