Tarmacadam Surfacing in Heathfield, Lewes, Eastbourne and Across the South East

Do you have one or more potholes that need repairing? Or do you need full road resurfacing on highways that have suffered significant deterioration? Whatever the nature of your road-related problems, Southern Surfacing Ltd can help. We excel in all forms of tarmacadam surfacing across every sector, be it domestic, commercial or agricultural. Using premium materials and modern machinery, as well as our surfacing contractors’ experience of over 50 years, we deliver results of unmatched quality.

As a Heathfield-based road surfacing company, we cover locations across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. This includes key service areas such as Eastbourne, Lewes and Tunbridge Wells, to name a few.

Tarmacadam surfacing projects come in a wide range of types and sizes. Some of the most popular services we undertake include:

  • Surface Dressing

  • Driveway Surfacing

  • Forecourt Surfacing

  • Playground Surfacing

  • Car Park Surfacing

  • Road Surfacing

  • Resurfacing Works

  • Pothole and Road Repairs

To schedule an initial consultation regarding any of the above services, call our road surfacing company on 07984 538527. Our friendly, professional surfacing contractors visit sites across the South East, from Eastbourne to Heathfield, and from Lewes to Tunbridge Wells.


Why Choose Tarmacadam Surfacing?

When choosing a material for surfacing work, you have to consider various factors before making a final decision. Key amongst these are your available budget and the performance requirements of the surface at hand. For example, a private driveway will have much less demand placed on it compared with a dual carriageway.

We firmly believe that tarmacadam ticks every box. It’s cost-effective and durable. This means that your initial outlay is modest when compared with other materials. With regular maintenance and road repairs performed by our surfacing contractors, you can also extend your surface’s lifespan, ensuring you get a fantastic return on your original investment.

If you need our road surfacing company to undertake work on a busy road, you will also benefit from tarmacadam’s fast drying time. What’s more, we can lay this material one lane at a time, so you don’t have to completely shut down a road. Rather, we can carry out road surfacing in one lane before letting it dry and reopening it. We then do the same with the other lane.

Be it in Eastbourne, Heathfield, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells or any other location in the South East, we minimise disruption for local residents and motorists.

Tarmacadam surfacing also performs brilliantly in all weather conditions. When sealed and maintained, it’s completely waterproof, meaning it can withstand rain, hail, sleet and snow.

As experienced surfacing contractors, we can also adapt this material to suit varying needs. This includes additional support for especially heavy weights such as larger cars, trucks and even tracked vehicles.

Choosing tarmacadam also benefits the local environment too. We can reuse existing tarmacadam on numerous occasions. This is especially appealing if you need to upgrade a surface while managing a tight budget. Unlike other construction materials, tarmacadam doesn’t run into waterways either. This is because it turns into a solid mass quickly.

Most importantly, our road surfacing company uses tarmacadam to create safe, smooth highways for a pleasant driving experience. Our team uses butt joints to seamlessly blend freshly laid surfaces with existing ones.

From domestic tarmacadam surfacing in Eastbourne and Heathfield to commercial applications in Lewes and Tunbridge Wells, our team has a proven track record for outstanding results across the South East.


Call 07984 538527 to discuss your tarmacadam surfacing needs in more detail. From Heathfield to Lewes, we cover locations and areas across the South East.