Surface Dressing in Tunbridge Wells | Resurfacing & Road Repairs | Your Questions Answered

As a time-served road surfacing company, Southern Surfacing Ltd provides the complete service package. Be it surface dressing, road repairs or any form of tarmacadam surfacing, we ensure your roads in Tunbridge Wells remain in optimal condition. Our surfacing contractors share more than 50 years of industry experience. From the outset, we’re perfectly placed to offer advice and guidance about which approach best suits your needs.

With a proven track record working with private, commercial and agricultural clients, we provide start-to-finish project management. In the preliminary stages of your job, we sit down with you to discuss your needs.

When small road repairs aren’t an issue, you will typically need to decide between two options: surface dressing or resurfacing.

As you would expect from a reputable road surfacing company, we have provided answers to the most popular questions we receive about these services. To discuss either, or tarmacadam surfacing of any kind, please call us on 07984 538527. Our surfacing contractors happily answer any queries.

Surface Dressing and Resurfacing | Answering Your Questions

What is the difference between resurfacing and dressing a surface?

The latter focuses on treating roads in and around Tunbridge Wells that are in a relatively good condition. It is a type of preventative maintenance designed to uphold this condition for as long as possible.

The former represents a more extensive form of structural maintenance. During resurfacing, our road surfacing company can remove as much as 300mm from the surface of a worn out road before replacing it.

Do you sweep away loose chippings immediately?

Not entirely, no. As with our road repairs, tarmacadam surfacing and full range of services, safety remains of paramount importance. However, after completing a surface dressing, our surfacing contractors only sweep away around 90% of the loose chippings. We must leave a surplus as part of the process. This ensures that we achieve an even spread of chippings over the finished mat.

Will you close the road?

This depends on the type of road we work on in Tunbridge Wells. Resurfacing involves more extensive work, so it’s more likely that we will need to close the road. However, the final decision depends on the size of the road itself and the scope of the resurfacing work.

We usually don’t need to close an average road when performing surface dressing. But we will need to limit access for a short time. On busier roads, this will involve traffic management systems.

Why don’t you just resurface roads?

As a road surfacing company specialising in everything from road repairs to tarmacadam surfacing, we cover every service designed to keep roads in good condition. Of course, our clients in Tunbridge Wells and the neighbouring areas have budgets to balance. As such, it’s a matter of maintaining as many roads as possible while keeping costs and disruption to a minimum.

Put simply, roads benefit greatly from surface dressing. If our surfacing contractors didn’t undertake this service, roads would need resurfacing 3 or 4 times as often. Needless to say, this is more expensive, more time consuming and more disruptive.

Call 07984 538527 for more information about road repairs, surface dressing or any of the other services we carry out in and around Tunbridge Wells.